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Herr K. GmbH.

It’s challenging to create fun and charismatic content out of a serious and rather uncharismatic topic, but that’s just what we did for Vienna’s notary chamber. Working with Dockyard’s creative team, a fresh image was developed for the Notariatskammer and a new way of explaining to people why what they do is so important. 




Creative Direction:

Georg Blume


Art Direction:

Andreina Diaz


Animation Direction:

Marcos Medvedov


Design & Illustrations:

Andreina Diaz

Yonel Hernandez

Leonardo Gonzalez


3D Animation:

Luis Villalobos

Marcos Medvedov


2D Animation:

Marcos Medvedov

Gabriel Afanador

Juan Behrens


Script and Copywrite:

Georg Blume


Music & Sound design: 

Georg Blume & Arthur Fussy


Voice Over:

Peter Matic


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